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Welcome to euRobotics AISBL

"Promoting Excellence in European Robotics"

euRobotics aims to promote excellence in robotics by providing many networking opportunities to its members from both industry and academia, to exchange knowledge within the robotics community and to shape the future of robotics in Europe through cooperation between both sides. 

One of the association’s main missions is to collaborate with the European Commission (EC) to develop and implement a strategy and a roadmap for research, technological development and innovation in robotics, in view of the launch of the next framework program Horizon 2020. Towards this end, euRobotics aisbl was formed to engage from the private side in a contractual Public-Private Partnership with the European Union as the public side.

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Children Dancing with Robot

4th Edition of European Robotics Week: 
A future of robots for everyone
Robots are the future. Robots occupy the imaginations of youngsters, teenagers, students – essentially everybody. Robots are cool and we all have our favourites from Sci-Fi movies, but how much more enjoyable would it be to interact with the ones that we would have built and designed ourselves? 

Robot Lab

Meeting of all Topic Groups 8 and 9 Sep 2014.

Hosted by Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics at Óbuda University in Budapest, all Topic Groups of euRobotics AISBL will meet on 8 and 9 September 2014 to prepare the next steps of SPARC..

Mars Challenge Robot

European Rover Challenge 2014

The European Rover Challenge, or ERC, is an international competition organized by the Mars Society Polska. The main event, the Challenge involving analogues of Mars rovers, is a competition for teams of students from higher education institutions, who try to first design and build and then field test the best rover.
euRobotics AISBL is a Honorary Patron of the event


Official launch of SPARC, the PPP in Robotics, with the European Commission at AUTOMATICA 2014 opening

The global market for robotics amounts to €22 billion and is expected to grow to more than €60 billion by 2020. Europe is already a leader, with an overall market share of 35%, but efforts are needed to follow the pace of this rapidly evolving sector and making the most of it. The new Partnership for Robotics in Europe SPARC aims to increase the European market share to 42% in 2020.

Interesting article on the Austrian Newspaper Der Standard, with the 3 main reasons to use robotics, featuring euRobotics AISBL members:

Patrick Schwarzkopf from VDMA/EUnited Robotics and
Markus Vincze from the Technical University of Vienna

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European Robotics Week 2014,

24 to 30 November 2014
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